Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hair Files

I have reaaally been loving this hair accessories trend, lately.

Hair accessories are a great way to dress up an outfit and make you feel very feminine, almost like a princess!

And since racing season is almost amongst us, I thought I would make a post about some of my favorite ones out there at the moment. I know it's tradition to wear a hat, but I would love to see flowers or big feathers instead.

Forever 21 Rhinestone Feather Headband. I love the feather and tiny bit of sparkle.

Accessorize Large Flower Red Bando. I love this. I would wear it across my forehead with the flower over my ear. I would definitely rock something like this to the races.

Accessorize Bridal Pearl and Crystal Comb. This is soooo gorgeous! It's so simple and has a very vintage feel to it. So pretty to wear to a nice dinner or black tie event. You can even wear it at the top of a french knot or chingon.

Accessorize Shelly Embelished Bando. Gorgeous!! I love the metallic colors because even though it is very floral, it still has a very modern look. Reminds me of something Whitney or Erin would wear on the City.

Accessorize Origami Flower Clip. I actually have this one, and it's great because it has a hair clip and a pin on the back. So you can wear it so many different ways. I wore it pinned onto my dress for my birthday. But it would look great above the ear. I really want to pin it onto a thick ribbon and wear it on my wrist, kinda like a corsage. I think that would be so pretty, especially with a simple dress.

Forever 21 Versatile Rose and Feather Hairclip. This is so pretty and again, the gray makes it really modern. It's on a clip, too so again you can wear it a thousand different ways.

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