Friday, March 20, 2009

Recessionista tip 5

St. Ives Whipped Silk Advanced Body Moisturizer

Cost: 20.75 Dhs (for 18oz or 532ML) at Spinneys

This is probably one of my favorite body lotions ever. It's perfect for when the weather warms up. You know how hot and sticky it gets and using a heavy lotion just isn't a good idea.

This one surprised me the first time I used it. I read a few reviews online that really recommended it, but the texture was so light that I didn't really think it was going to do anything. Then I checked a few hours later and my skin was still really soft and moisturised!(always a good thing!)

It's been a few years since then, and while I do like to try different products, I tend to come back to this one as my staple.

It has a really refreshing scent, too - but not over powering at all so it doesn't compete with your perfume. And because the texture is so light you don't have to stand around and wait for the lotion to soak in before you get dressed.

I also mix it with some shimmer powder and apply it to my legs, chest and arms when I think my Nars Body Glow will be too heavy.

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