Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hair Files

Last night I decided that my hair needed to be trimmed. I'm trying to hold off getting a "real" cut until about July because I tend to get my hair cut a lot and I am trying to grow it out as much as I can.

So I figured, it can't be that hard to trim my own hair! I brushed it out, clipped the top half out of the way (I really only wanted the bottom layers trimmed since they are the ones with the most damage right now) and got out the scissors.

Suprisingly, it's a lot harder to trim the back of your own hair than I thought it would be. So I ended up cutting off about an inch as opposed to the quarter of an inch I was originally aiming for. It kinda works out OK, though, because I was in a bit of denial and probably needed a little more than an inch cut off. It does actually make a big difference because my ends feel much thicker and not as frazzled. So yay!

I'm not that worried though. The weather is warming up now and my hair tends to grow like a weed in warm weather. I'm just a little bit past armpit length (APL) now and my goal is to hit brastrap length (BSL) by August. I suppose I'd better start taking my vitamins.

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  1. APL, BSL... you are funny! So would you recommend me to try cutting my own hair?


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