Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Bowie!

My pretty kitty turns one today.

I've had Bowie since November of last year. My friend Z actually found him, and he was being abandoned on a road behind Nad al Sheba!

That's right. She found him as his previous "owner" was setting him down in a basket on the side of the road and driving off. She said that the poor thing was all confused and trying to run to get back into the car :( Bowie came complete with his tags, vaccination records and microchip documents.

I met Bowie when he was having a check up done and we were all so confused as to why someone would want to abandon such a sweet, well behaved cat. I'm not a very big cat person, but luckily Bowie seems to think he is a dog anyway so it works out great! Plus, this cat is (nearly) as emotionally needy as I am so it really is a match made in heaven!

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  1. Aww omg too cute. The cat has a good home now.


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